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What To Expect During Your Credit Counseling Session

If not entering your information online:

1. If there is to be a joint filing—husband and wife—both people must be present to make the phone call.

2. If all counselors will be busy for an extended period of time, you will be given the option to receive a call back when a counselor is available. You will not lose your place in line.

3. When the counselor comes on the line, he/she will ask for your name, address, Social Security number, your attorney’s name, the method of payment (You will give the counselor our account number.), and what chapter of bankruptcy you are filing.

4. The counselor will ask you the following or send you to a recording asking the following:
  • Housing costs
  • Utilities
  • Mortgage payment
  • Car payment(s) or other secured debt payments
  • Unsecured debts such as credit cards and medical bills
  • Other living expenses
5. The counselor will use this information to calculate whether you have a negative or positive income.

6. If you have a positive income, then the counselor will let you know that you should have enough money to meet your needs after you file bankruptcy.

7. If you have a negative income, the counselor will let you know that you do not have enough money to meet your expenses and will ask you what you can do to lower your expenses.

8.The counselor will then see that a copy of the certificate is e-mailed to our office.

9. You will be given a client code that you will need to give to GreenPath when you compete the financial management course (debtor education). You will be asked if you want to complete the financial course by telephone or by internet. If you choose to complete it by telephone then you will be mailed a booklet within a week. You may not complete the financial management course (debtor education) until your case has been filed.

If entering your information online:

1. Our office provides information about navigating the GreenPath site, plus our account number to our clients using GreenPath, but most other provider's sites are easily navigable.

2. The information that must be entered is the same as would be required by telephone. It is not necessary to list each creditor separately, but instead, debts may be lumped together by type of debt.

3. Although the information may be entered at any time, a short online chat or telephone call during business hours is required to complete the session. business hours for the online chat or telephone conversation are until:
  • 9:00 PM ET, Monday through Thursday,
  • 6:00 PM ET, Friday and Saturday.