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Completing Your Financial Management Course (Debtor Education)

What to expect...

1.You may complete your financial management course after your bankruptcy case has been filed, you have reviewed your booklet (if you are doing the course by phone), and you have the following information:

a.Bankruptcy case number in this format: yy#####;
b.District in which you filed: Northern District of WV;
c.Chapter of bankruptcy you filed: Chapter 7 or 13;
d.City or Division: Clarksburg, Elkins, Wheeling or Martinsburg;
e.Your client code may be needed.

2. If you choose to complete the financial management course by telephone, call GreenPath and provide the counselor with the information listed above. An automated test will then be played on the phone that you will answer using the buttons on the phone. This takes about one-half hour.

3. If you complete the financial course online, you would not have received the booklet. Instead, your course is totally contained online. After you have obtained the information set forth in paragraph 1, log on to your account and begin the process. Most clients say the course takes two hours to complete. When completed, click on the 'Generate Certificate' button unless instructed otherwise.

4. After you have completed your financial management course, you will be sent a certificate and your attorney will be emailed a certificate. This certificate will be filed with the court.

5. The Form 423 that your attorney provided to you when you signed your petition must be signed and returned to the attorney before the attorney will file the certificate with the bankruptcy court.